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Clopay Aluminum Garage Door

Clopay Aluminum Garage Door

Clopay doors in WantaghRenowned mainly for its wood and glass collection of garage doors, Clopay also manufacturers solid aluminum panels. In an effort to keep up style but also enhance durability, the company uses 18-gauge aluminum for the construction of door panels. This is important since aluminum is a rather soft material in comparison with steel and dents are created easier. The great advantage of aluminum is its capacity to resist rust and that's why it is regularly used by Clopay for the construction of glass garage door frames. Ranging from white and bronze to anodized white and ultra-grain dark cherry, aluminum frames come out in various colors.


Aluminum Clopay Garage Doors are Anodized

When aluminum comes in contact with oxygen, it produces a thick layer of oxide for self-protection from erosion. The process of anodizing increases the thickness of the oxide and makes the material even more resistance against corrosion. It also acts as a good adhesive for the facilitation of coating. As a major garage door manufacturer, Clopay gives attention to such details in order to minimize wear, prolong the lifespan of doors and ensure their resistance.

Homeowners can order their own garage doors since Clopay can have them custom made. This is another advantage of the company since people can choose whether they want full aluminum panels with or without windows or the perfect combination Clopay introduces of aluminum and glass. The crucial point is that Clopay does not only offer options but also high quality aluminum garage doors.

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