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Should I still have my garage door checked even if it is brand new?

Yes. Periodic check-up is very important for a garage door. Even if you just bought it, you will still have to follow the prescribed schedule for regular check-ups. You still have to take care of your garage door well despite the regular maintenance.

Will my old garage door opener work on a newer door?

It becomes a matter of compatibility. According to our specialists in Wantagh, it should not be a problem if the opener is compatible with the garage door itself. However, there are certain types of openers that could not be fitted with garage doors. Make sure they could fit each other before trying to install.

Does my garage door need a physical lock?

Even if you have an opener with rolling code technology and garage door keypad, a physical lock can increase the level of security of the garage door even further. Locking and unlocking the door may cause some inconvenience, but your garage and house will have much better protection from thieves and vandals.

Why is my door reversing?

Garage doors are equipped with safety features. The automatic reverse is a feature installed to detect when something is in the path of the door. Once it is detected, the door will reverse. When this occurs you will need to remove whatever is in its path.

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